How to live life on

Your terms

Achieve your

Dream goals

And have

Financial freedom

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They say we’rE entitled and lazy.

They tell us to go to college, get a job, retire at 65.

How’s that working out for us?

There’s over one trillion dollars in student loan debt, and people with outdated education who can’t even get a job for the student loans they took out, that now haunt them for life.

Maybe you’re too young to have experienced this yet, but if you’re not then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve had enough of it!

Our generation is better than this. We deserve better. So what’s the solution?

We need to create a movement For our generation

That’s what led to

The Financial Freedom Movement.

No, this isn’t about me (Jake Paul). It’s way bigger than any one person. It’s a movement to inspire, teach and pave the path for our generation and future generations.

Which is exactly why I made sure the trainings are from top leading experts, award winning entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires who have achieved financial freedom, to show you exactly what it takes.

Here’s just a few of the experts you’ll learn directly from inside the training portal and on the weekly LIVE video calls (with many more coming soon…)

Dan Fleyshman

@danfleyshman Spent over $60M on influencer marketing

Dan Fleyshman

@danfleyshman Spent over $60M on influencer marketing

Mark Lack

@mark.lack King of personal branding with $300M in student success

Mark Lack

@mark.lack King of personal branding with $300M in student success

Travis Lubinsky

@trav Sold 8 figures online and created products for some of the biggest brands in the world

Travis Lubinsky

@trav Sold 8 figures online and created products for some of the biggest brands in the world

Adrian Morrison

@adrianmorrison Sold over $100M and leading expert on E-commerce

Adrian Morrison

@adrianmorrison Sold over $400M and leading expert on E-commerce

Anthony Morrison

@anthonymorrison Sold over $100M and leading expert on affiliate marketing

Anthony Morrison

@anthonymorrison Sold over $100M and leading expert on affiliate marketing

Billy Gene

@billygeneismarketing Ads have been seen over 600M times

Billy Gene

@billygeneismarketing Ads have been seen over 600M times

Dmitriy Kozlov

@dkozlov Branding expert for top influencers

Dmitriy Kozlov

@dkozlov Branding expert for top influencers

Cole A. Hatter

@colehatter Sold over $150M
Expert on sales & real estate

Cole A. Hatter

@colehatter Sold over $150M
Expert on sales & real estate

What You Get When You Become A

Movement Maker:

Cutting Edge Mentorship, Coaching and Training

from multiple millionaires, expert trainers and thought leaders on how to achieve financial freedom using social media and the internet.

Jake Paul’s personal experience, rituals and secret formula

on how he’s achieved massive success at a young age; so you can follow in his footsteps to achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before.

LIVE Weekly Video Coaching Calls with Jake Paul

and guest expert trainers, influencers and thought leaders hand-selected by Jake himself.

A private community

of everyone who’s committed to The Financial Freedom Movement so you can grow your network, gain support, accountability and new friendships with like-minded, success-driven people.

Inside You’ll Access Lessons Like…

Who this is for:

  • Svg Vector Icons : My followers who have always wanted to know how to become financially free, or how to be an influencer and live life on your terms by using the device you already have and turn that time on social media into an income stream.
  • Svg Vector Icons : You’re already an influencer or looking to grow your influence and income.
  • Svg Vector Icons : You’re a professional or business owner wanting to use social media to grow your income, get more customers, and build your brand with more exposure.

Who this is NOT for:

  • Svg Vector Icons : People looking for a magic pill to success (there isn’t one)
  • Svg Vector Icons : People who want a “get rich quick” plan (this is about long term wealth and freedom)
  • Svg Vector Icons : People who believe that education requires massive debt and countless years of outdated education taught by people who don’t have the results you want (aka, the standard education system today)


Commit to becoming a Movement Maker with me and join The Freedom Fam

Commit to leading a movement with me by becoming a Movement Maker… meaning you are someone who takes action, uplifts others, is hungry for more out of life and doesn’t want to settle for the status quo.

How I reward you for being a movement maker (prizes list below)

A movement maker is an action taker who lives life on their terms!

Be Among the First 10,000 Movement Makers and I’ll reward you for taking action…


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These top prizes will be awarded to Movement Makers who take action, get results and share your radical success story with me (instructions inside)

And for the first 10,000 Movement Makers who join, you’ll get…

Top 1,000

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Product Summary

  • Over 200 modules all delivered via HD video
  • Step-by-step process for you to easily follow
  • Community for accountability and connections
  • Live weekly video coaching and Q&A with guest exerts
  • 24/7 access to the trainings from anywhere in the world
  • Try it risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee

*The first 10,000 members instantly save 50% and join for $19.99 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this relate to me if I’m young?

Yes because the sooner you learn this and implement this in your life the more you will benefit. I wish I knew all of this when I was even younger. Who knows where I’d be in my career.

How long do I have access to the membership?

As long as you continue to invest in the monthly membership you have access. Similar to Netflix or Hulu, as long as you keep paying the super low monthly you have access to everything.

What if I don’t have $20 to join?

That’s all the more reason you should find a way to access this information. Have your parents invest for you by sharing with them the “letter to parents” at the bottom of this page.

How much time do I need to commit to this?

I would say 30-60 minutes per day is an awesome goal. Like anything in life you get out of it, what you put into it. So the more engaged and committed you are, the more this will benefit you and your life. Spend a little less time watching TV and playing games, and learn to earn.

Letter to Parents

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. Usually that means, you want them to be happy, healthy, and not have to worry about financial stress as they grow up into an adult. After all, most people’s lives are controlled and limited by their finances or lack thereof…

Which is most likely why you’ve saved up for many years to send your kid to college. With the hope that college will provide them with an education and degree, that leads to a secure job with a decent paycheck and benefits. That’s admirable and you should be proud that you want that for your child.

Now let’s talk about how things have changed since you were in college… Most college kids these days graduate with an out-dated degree and education that is no longer relevant in the current economic workforce. With technology advancements accelerating at 1000X the speed they have in the past 100 years when the formal education system was created for the industrial revolution it never accounted for the new world we live in today. Yet the system never really changed. As a result, most college graduates now days are jobless, with over 50% of millennials moving back in with their parents to save up money in order to move out some day while they search for companies hiring…but only to realize they need another new degree and education that is relevant in the fast changing landscape of jobs available that pay well.

And it’s only going to get worse!! Once robotics, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and other technology advancements disrupt the workforce even more…there will be even fewer jobs available for your child. That is why it is CRITICAL as a parent you break away from only having your child’s future rest on your old morals of doing things, when you can even see the landscape of the world is changing. Give your child the actual education they need to achieve financial freedom from people who are making money online, from anywhere in the world, by learning valuable skill sets the current global economy needs, and pays big money for people who have these skill sets, which are taught inside The Financial Freedom Movement membership training program.

If you’re already paying for Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, then this is a no brainer. Those things aren’t helping your child or their future are they? Whereas for only $19.99 per month your child has access to world renowned experts who have taught and impacted over one million students around the globe. This is your chance to show you are truly committed as a parent to giving your child access to the best resources and education they can have to live a great life on their terms. So you can have peace of mind knowing they’ll be happy, healthy and financially secure as they continue to grow into a valuable, self sufficient adult, in the new economy.

You’re an amazing parent for even reading this, and giving your child this gift and opportunity.